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Lauren Wernovsky

Lauren Wernovsky

Lauren founded VoxDC after training with the Independent Educational Consultant Association. Her credentials include a 30-year career as a television producer, writer, and educational content creator. She holds a master’s degree in Education from Boston University with a specialty in Education Technology.

Using her gift of storytelling, Lauren is eager to help high school students find, develop and present their authentic and best selves to prospective colleges.

Keep your student on task to complete all components of the college application with no stress, no homework and no regrets!

Refine high school coursework plans, testing schedules, and extracurricular activities.

Research colleges and develop a balanced list of colleges based on your student’s needs and desires.

Recommend extracurricular and summer activities, including internship opportunities.

Plan college visits, and prepare for college interviews

Brainstorm and provide feedback on personal statements and essays through our exciting and ... yes, fun, essay writing workshops.

Evaluate offers of admission as well as develop a strategy for waitlist and deferral decisions.

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